Known Background

Anyone who knows or use to know Lucille knows that her Garlean lineage is not something she kept as a secret. She was formerly a notable ranking officer within the Empire and gained a reputation for her ruthless and relentless combat style. Despite having the respect of her men and the trust of her Legatus, Lucille fled the battlefield and went completely missing for several weeks. Officially, she was pronounced missing in action though her Legatus would continue to search for her missing soldier. Lucille would find solace within Ul’dah, spending her time readjusting herself to a new life and considered a refugee. For a time, Lucille caused quite a stir with the locals of the lane and always looking over her shoulder out of fear of being found again. As she continued to receive news of Garlemalds of self-destruction, she would take frequent espionage missions back home to gather intel and steal scraps and resources. With that and her focusing her efforts into her other work, she seemingly vanished - burying herself in her work.

Full name:
Lucille rem Levenson
Luci, Decima
Marital Status:
Common & Garlean
Weapons Dealer
Magitek Engineer
(Fmr) Ranking Officer

RP Hooks

There was a time where many knew of Lucille. While she has kept out of the public eye, people still remember her. She used to travel often and despite records of her time with Garlemald being scarce, she is still remembered by those who fought with and against her. The following are some rp hooks that can be used to approach her.

  • If you hear her last name, you might know of another woman who shares the same name; Adelaide Levenson.

  • If you are a Garlean or from Garlemald, your character might know her either from shared missions or allies on the battlefield.

  • Lucille has a magitek workshop. While it has been closed to clients for some time now, people have still sought it out hoping that just maybe, she will answer.

  • Those who are known to fight many of Garleans might've encountered her in battle before.

  • Considering how much Magitek she openly adorns, anyone who fancies that sort of tech my be drawn to approach her

  • If you've been around Ala Mhigo recently, you may have seen her there a few times helping the military there. Or maybe it was someone else.

Appearance & Personality


5 fulms, 2 ilms
Hair Color:
Platinum Blonde
Eye Color:
Stormy Gray
Skin Tone:
Body type:
Slim & Flexible
Right-leaning, Relaxed
Visible: Burns on her right hand/arm, torn flesh scarred over on the right side of her neck, & prosthetic left arm

Affiliations & Connections

During her travels in Eorzea, she made many friends, enemies, and business connections. While most of them have been lost or rarely spoken about, there are still two she holds on to. As she returns to the public eye, it is inevitable that her web of connections will grow once again.

Kanako Moonweaver

Once her boss, Kanako helped Lucille get on her feet when she first settled in Eorzea. Even as Lucille has moved on to pursue her own endeavors, Kanako still stays in contact with her and is likely the only person who knows where she's been.

Adelaide Levenson

Her only known biological family. Adelaide is the older sister to Lucille but from a different father. While Lucille is pureblooded, Adelaide was not. The two use to not be on the friendliest of terms but have sense reconciled and look out for each other.

OOC. Information

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